How do we ask for what we want ?

How do we ask for what we want?
1. Are you straightforward?
2. Do you hint around?
3 .Do you play the guessing game?
As I get older I tend to know exactly what I want and don’t want. I know what energy I want to be around and I don’t. I know how I want to be touched and what I what don’t like. Unfortunately, life doesn’t give us all of our likes...
What do you do?

I did All 3 of them!

 I remember when I first had thoughts about closing the shop down I was so nervous about what everyone was going to say I immediately started crying... 

Everyone knew me as the cake lady, so venturing out was a scary thing for them and me to think of. Unfortunately, all they wanted was cake and all could I could think of was CHANGE

 How to Say I want OUT!

Transformation is the signal of Growth, that’s why it’s called Tran -for -mation 

 First. you must understand what you would like to accomplish.

Second, write and Manifest your plan.

Third, do your research.

Last, put your seat belt on, let's Ride 

                     Welcome To Sarai Glory

   A boutique that celebrates all transformations of life!  








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